Wargaming Tournament Trip, Part III – Pork Knuckle and Prostration

Finally made it to Warsaw, don’t ask me how. The flight from Frankfurt was a blur since I was only half-conscious during it. All I remember was an endless ride to the plane, packed like match sticks in a shuttle bus with a hundred other people. It went on so long, I was convinced they were driving us to Poland.

I managed to stay vertical until I checked into the Marriott Warsaw, but then the minute I stepped into my room, I heard the sound of running water. A previous occupant had thoughtfully left the toilet running for me, and since its workings were wall-mounted, there was nothing I could do about it. So even though all I wanted to do was go to sleep, I had to call the front desk and wait for a plumber.

He looked like this guy, but with a big mustache.

The good news is, while I was waiting, I was invited by Wargaming, to tag along on a dinner jaunt with a group of journalists from Asia. We went to a place on the Royal Route called Specjaly Regionaline, which as you might have guessed, specializes in traditional Polish food.

The traditional Polish waffle tower. No, not really.

The wooden fairytale book in which they bring the bill.

There, we partook of an obscene number of savory Polish dishes (like duck, goose, pork knuckle and blood sausage) as well as many tasty Polish drinks, including honey beer, which is my new (and potent) favorite.

I was worried about not fitting in, but the minute I took out my phone and started obsessively photographing my food, Wargaming’s PR Director informed me I was “so Asian.” :)

After dinner, I was fading fast and happy to walk back to the hotel. Along the way we spotted a HUGE Wargaming logo on the side of the train station:

…and this guy.

I immediately thought of my husband. If you knew him, you'd understand.

– By the time we got back, it was all I could do to press the elevator button, open my room door, and fall on my face.

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