Wargaming Tournament Trip, Part IV – Americans Are Funny

Up at 4 am with my head pounding like a male silverback gorilla. Carrying my 90 lb messenger bag the day before resulted in the tension headache to rule all tension headaches and the only solution for that was three ibuprofen and some impromptu Sun Salutations.

I didn’t think I’d get to sleep again right away afterwards, so I turned on the tube to maybe catch a Polish info-mercial. Polish rap music echoed off the walls, performed in front of a rapt audience by a group of young guys with a lot of attitude.

I quickly changed channels, but found nothing better: Seinfeld dubbed in Polish so the voices were totally incongruous with the actors, a horrible 3D cartoon featuring hat-wearing bears riding a boat and singing a song about Jesus, and a home improvement show that looked like it was filmed on some guy’s cell phone.

I fell asleep around oh, I’m guessing 5 :15, and the next time I opened my eyes I was shocked to see the clock glowing 12:03. Overall, I’d slept for 13 hours. I haven’t slept for 13 hours since high school. Luckily, we’d been given Friday as a free day, so no one was going to reprimand me for my sloth. While trying to ignore my throbbing head at 4 am, I’d discovered a craft beer festival going on at Legia Stadium. Talk about good timing!

Figuring by the time I got over there, it would have been on for a while, I hurried around getting ready and dashed to the lobby to exchange some cash. The guy at the window got a smirky smile on his face when I told him I wanted to exchange for some Polish currency. I asked why, and he said, “Oh, because it’s such a nice day outside.” Turns out, the smirk had to do with me not telling him what currency I wanted to exchange FOR. Ha ha, hee hee! Americans are funny!

I agreed with him on the weather, and just to be a jerk, said, “Yes, and you’re working, and I’m going to a beer festival!” No, he didn’t club me for saying that—he actually got a lot friendlier and somewhat apologetic for being a douche. Still, I felt like responding with a famous Peter Falk line from the movie Murder by Death.

“You pit your wits with me, little man, and you won’t have your wits to pit with, know what I mean?” — Sam Diamond

I get $50 a day plus expenses.

I cabbed it to the stadium (cabs here are very cheap, just like the food), scarfing a Starbucks latte and a sandwich made of some undefined (but delicious) meat. The place looked decidedly empty. I found some garage attendant type guy, who told me the festival didn’t start for three more hours. Doh!

I actually recognized the stadium area; I’d walked there during my first trip to Warsaw. There’s a large, pretty park nearby, so I headed into it. It was 68 degrees, sunny—the perfect day to hang out on a duck raft.

They should be wearing little yachting hats.

I spent the time trying to get more acquainted with my new-ish camera. It has so many settings on it I don’t understand, I still can’t make it produce more than mediocrity. At least the subject matter was interesting, like this graffiti decorating the pylons supporting the rail line…

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