E3 2015 Day 2: Live Streams, Celebrities and Skingrafts

Spent the entire day staring at a TV monitor watching press conferences via crappy live stream. Hooray!

Aside from the official information I was asked to impart re: the pressers, here’s a couple of unsolicited observations:

1. Publishers must enjoy torturing us with embarrassing celebrity appearances. Ubisoft once again won the Awkward Silence Award by hiring Jason Derulo to screech out a tune. Please god, make it stop.

Click here to suffer through Derulo’s ear-splitting performance.

Angela Bassett’s appearance during the same press conference was actually kinda cool, but I’m sure she was thinking, “I gotta get a new agent.”

2. Sony was really phoning it in this year. Their presentation was disjointed, informationally imbalanced, and poorly executed. I doubt anyone noticed though, since they were too busy frothing at the mouth over The Last Guardian, the Final Fantasy VII remake and the Shenmue III Kickstarter.

3. Someone needs to kick the crap out of the pre-show commentators. Twitch’s panel was about as engaging as the ladies on The View but less informative.

The work day wasn’t over for me until nearly midnight, but on the way back to my hotel I was reminded that only in L.A. can you see an otherwise normal-looking woman in a strapless sundress standing stunned in the middle of an intersection, a 20-something dude on a bus wearing a 1920′s straw boater….

…and a high-fashion clothing boutique called “Skingraft.” /shudder

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