Sketch Crawl – Disneyland

Well, this year I checked one more big thing off my bucket list – getting an annual pass to Disneyland! For 20 or so years I’ve wanted to have the luxury of going to Disneyland and sketching, but was only ever there for a day or two during vacations when I really wanted to take part in all the attractions. Recently, I moved to SoCal and finally it makes sense for me to buy a pass. My plan is to go once a month and spend a day sketching, and my first attempt at executing that plan happened last Wednesday.

What I learned from this first visit was that:
1) Disneyland = sensory overload
2) It’s very easy to get distracted by fun things and not want to draw
3) You can easily waste all of your drawing time walking around trying to choose from literally millions of subjects

In four hours I only got four sort-of drawings done and I’m not happy with any of them. My goal was to avoid line drawing and focus solely on light and shade, but as you can see, I eventually fell back on what’s easier. Should’ve slapped my own drawing hand.

Tom Sawyer Island


Hyperspace Mountain

Hyperspace Mt, value study

Exacerbating my disappointment in my own efforts was a fantastic exhibit on Main Street of some of the most brilliant pre-construction concept drawings. Called Drawing Disneyland: The Early Years – Imagineers Who Helped Bring Walt’s Dream To Life, it features some incredibly talented illustrators. If you’re over at the Magic Kingdom, you really owe it to yourself not to miss it.

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