Amsterdam Journal Day 3.5: Stamppot!!

Every day presents a new dinner dilemma. How not to waste another great opportunity for savory excellence?

The evening bore witness to even more walking as we sought out traditional Dutch cuisine. We found it at a little alleyway joint near the Amsterdam museum called Tomaz. The specialty there is a bowl full of stodge called “Stamppot,” a mixture of Dutch beef stew, cabbage and mashed potatoes. It was definitely flavorful, although I prefer the Polish version of the dish (bigos.)



Beer tourism was on the dessert menu and we went to a couple of different places hoping to try the local craft offerings. The first was disappointing—a place called Hoppy Days that billed itself as a beer bar, but then had only three beers total, all Italian beers with no flavor.

No molto benne.

We next went to Bierproeflokaal in de Wildeman, where the situation was better but where a couple of chain smokers nearly overwhelmed us with clouds of (for once) cigarette smoke. In that case, inside seating was better for our health.

Like chimneys they were.

Is that beer? I can't see through the smoke.

Late night for us old timers – out till 10 pm. Whooo!!
Of course, we paid the price for drinking that much beer. Jet lag set in with a vengeance and we were both awake from around 2:30 on.

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