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  • Disney Sketch Crawl #8 – Ringing in the New Year

    Got to the park in time to see Main Street open today – only because it opens later during January and February (or so an employee told me). I made a beeline for the Mickey beignets (gotta start a sketch crawl with the right fuel) and as I munched those, I did this line drawing of New Orleans Square. Still an overwhelming amount of detail. Learn to edit! I swore today I’d do half line drawings and half value studies [...]

  • Disney Sketch Crawl #7 – Last one of 2016

    I nearly blew it today. I found out after getting to the park that if I’d chosen to go tomorrow, I’d have been turned away at the gate. I’d completely forgotten to check the blackout dates for pass holders, and starting the 16th, passholders are SOL as Disney prioritizes the top-dollar-paying guests. So whew – glad I followed through on my usual Thursday routine. Anyhoo, it was nice and quiet today. Overcast, chilly, enough people to make it feel energized [...]

  • Disney Sketch Crawl #6 – Value studies are scary

    I wasn’t too excited about what I did on this day (yesterday), mainly because I found myself resisting both the need to work on value and the desire to once again do what I know. I did some of both, with so-so results. In some part, I blame the fact that it took me two hours (instead of the usual 45 min) to get to Disneyland thanks to some fool who caused an accident on the freeway. By the time [...]

  • Disney Sketch Crawl #5 – Halloween Hell

    I had no idea going in that I’d be dealing with teeming hordes of park goers. Middle of the week, middle of October – how bad could it be? The worst.

  • Disneyland Sketch Crawl #4 – Now With Stabilo Markers!

    An old friend and former professor suggested I try Stabilo markers next time I ventured out for a day of sketching and I’m so glad I did! I bought three tones – light gray, medium gray and black, and thus far I can only control the lightest one. It looks a lot like pencil but has the advantage of not smearing when I set my hand on it. For a first go, I think these were fairly successful despite the [...]

  • Amsterdam Journal Day 6: Queens and Canal Tours

    Last day! Unreal how quickly time passes when you’re enjoying yourself. And when jet lag keeps you awake night after night. Nick’s work was done today so once more I had companionship for my jaunt through the city. The plan was to see the Catherine the Great exhibit at Amsterdam’s annex of the Hermitage and so we opted for a fairly quick breakfast at Bagels and Beans. I went there the day I visited the Rembrandt museum; it’s situated right [...]

  • Amsterdam Journal Day 5: Napoleon, New Shirts and Nutella

    I write now with what’s left of my energy after six hours of walking and only four hours of sleep. Jet lag hit hard last night again and I didn’t get any sleep until around 4 am. Unwise as it is, once I’d had breakfast with Nick (A hopelessly burned pancake. They apologized but didn’t offer to take it off the bill.) and seen him off to work, I crashed out again – or tried to – until 12:45. Housekeeping [...]

  • Amsterdam Day 4: How to Die a Penniless Artist

    Before I begin, I forgot to post this before – one of the typical oddities I like to discover in strange cities: an ash tray awning. OK. Another day on my own. First on the solitary agenda, the Rembrandt House. Rembrandt bought the house for 13,000 guilders back in the day when the average person only earned 300 guilders a year. He paid for it though. Or rather, he didn’t. He financed the house and a number of years into [...]

  • Amsterdam Journal Day 3.5: Stamppot!!

    Every day presents a new dinner dilemma. How not to waste another great opportunity for savory excellence? The evening bore witness to even more walking as we sought out traditional Dutch cuisine. We found it at a little alleyway joint near the Amsterdam museum called Tomaz. The specialty there is a bowl full of stodge called “Stamppot,” a mixture of Dutch beef stew, cabbage and mashed potatoes. It was definitely flavorful, although I prefer the Polish version of the dish [...]