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  • Amsterdam Journal Day 6: Queens and Canal Tours

    Last day! Unreal how quickly time passes when you’re enjoying yourself. And when jet lag keeps you awake night after night. Nick’s work was done today so once more I had companionship for my jaunt through the city. The plan was to see the Catherine the Great exhibit at Amsterdam’s annex of the Hermitage and so we opted for a fairly quick breakfast at Bagels and Beans. I went there the day I visited the Rembrandt museum; it’s situated right [...]

  • Amsterdam Journal Day 3.5: Stamppot!!

    Every day presents a new dinner dilemma. How not to waste another great opportunity for savory excellence? The evening bore witness to even more walking as we sought out traditional Dutch cuisine. We found it at a little alleyway joint near the Amsterdam museum called Tomaz. The specialty there is a bowl full of stodge called “Stamppot,” a mixture of Dutch beef stew, cabbage and mashed potatoes. It was definitely flavorful, although I prefer the Polish version of the dish [...]

  • Wargaming Tournament Trip, Part V – Beer Festival!

    This is mean, but I just couldn’t resist texting my husband (who’s a craft beer fanatic) and telling him, “Guess where I’m going today? I’m such an ass. The festival was (as mentioned before) at Legia Stadium, and I was early so I stood outside for an hour with four other guys who were as anxious as I to sample Poland’s offerings. I asked a question of one particular portly man, and he was a little stand-offish at first. He [...]

  • Wargaming Tournament Trip, Part IV – Americans Are Funny

    Up at 4 am with my head pounding like a male silverback gorilla. Carrying my 90 lb messenger bag the day before resulted in the tension headache to rule all tension headaches and the only solution for that was three ibuprofen and some impromptu Sun Salutations. I didn’t think I’d get to sleep again right away afterwards, so I turned on the tube to maybe catch a Polish info-mercial. Polish rap music echoed off the walls, performed in front of [...]

  • Wargaming Tournament Trip, Part III – Pork Knuckle and Prostration

    Finally made it to Warsaw, don’t ask me how. The flight from Frankfurt was a blur since I was only half-conscious during it. All I remember was an endless ride to the plane, packed like match sticks in a shuttle bus with a hundred other people. It went on so long, I was convinced they were driving us to Poland. I managed to stay vertical until I checked into the Marriott Warsaw, but then the minute I stepped into my [...]

  • Warsaw Day 6 – Walking, walking, walking

    My hope was to get up early and cram in as much sight-seeing as possible, but sleep deficit caught up to me and I slept late. I feel fortunate not to have been woken up by a pushy cleaning lady – apparently, this hotel has issues with cleaning ladies not taking “get out” for an answer. One of the journalists on this trip told us a woman barged into his room while he was sleeping and proceeded to fill his [...]

  • Warsaw Day 2.5 – Rain and Warsaw Rising

    It’s hard to throw an actual day on this, since my sense of time’s all messed up after losing a day traveling. I was very surprised to learn today is Thursday. As I feared, I woke up at 2 am last night and was wide awake. I had a killer headache and had to employ the best headache remedy I know: hot peppermint tea and a mindless social game. I finally got tired enough again to go back to bed, [...]

  • Portland Brewery Tour – Day 1

    We got to Portland midafternoon after waiting an extra hour for take-off. Once again, we were seated at the back of the plane near the toilets – the perfect place to inhale jet fuel fumes and other noxious gases. The ride was punctuated by a tenacious infant ten rows up who screamed and howled until he sounded like a fetal version of Tom Waits. My head was pounding by the time we hit the tarmac. We took the light rail [...]