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  • E3 2015 Day 3 – An Introvert’s Lament

    I slept till 9 today, and I could tell myself that was because I was tired out by yesterday’s work. What it really was though, was my subconscious trying to keep me away from the convention center. I finally dragged myself there around 2 pm (after going to breakfast in the floral district at Poppy & Rose) loitered in the press room for another hour, and at long last, decided to brave the game-crazed masses. It took me all of [...]

  • E3 2014 Journal Day 4 – Ok, THERE’S the weirdness I’ve come to expect.

    Thus far, E3′s been way too normal. Nothing bizarre has happened and it’s all been so humdrum I started to think something had gone seriously wrong with L.A. Well, today changed all that. Then again, maybe the craziness is my fault. I did ask for it by spending the evening pretending to be an extrovert. As mentioned in a previous post, parties aren’t my thing. Still, I had an invite to an IGDA thing at the Figueroa hotel and I [...]

  • E3 2014 Journal – Day 3: Unleash the hounds!

    Curse you lower back, for keeping me from sleeping in! Hotel mattresses are the worst. Today was the first day for the E3 show floor and as usual, people were willing to wait in line for 2 hours to be the first ones in. I am such a grumpy old lady, but…really? Three minutes after the doors open, the way is totally clear, thus eliminating the need to stand in line. I guess some people are so hysterical about being [...]

  • E3 2014 Journal – Day 2 “Once more unto the breach…”

    If Sunday was boring, Monday definitely made up for it. With two press briefings to cover, I was busier’n a one-armed paper hanger and today feel like I was run over by a luxury shuttle bus. The thing is, I never sleep before an early morning event. I keep waking up every forty minutes and looking at the clock, afraid I’ll oversleep. I probably managed a solid 3 hours before having to get through the most stressful day of the [...]

  • E3 2014 Journal – The Show Before the Show

    The Sunday before the big conference is always surreal. I fly into LA, pay an arm and a leg to take a taxi to my cut-rate hotel, then head out walking through the hot, garbage-strewn streets to the convention center and back. This year’s pre-E3 Sunday’s been dead boring compared to last year’s. No late flights or horror show hotel rooms. All I have to report that’s of any interest at all is my sense of mild horror upon realizing [...]

  • Warsaw Day 5 – Never, under any circumstances, ever stop eating.

    The weather forecast said it’d be sunny and 64 degrees today. The weather forecast lied. This was a bummer because before going back to the venue to witness the climax of the World of Tanks Grand Finals, the press and some Wargaming people hopped on buses for a whirlwind city tour. The ride around the city might have been nice but for the constant amplified sound of the tour guide’s voice competing with two rows of German guys behind me [...]

  • Warsaw Day 4 – Baby Tanks and Bigos

    Day two of the Grand Finals and I was prepared to head out first for the tank museum tour. I walked to the Kinotek (which amazingly, is inside this humongous Soviet building) to catch the tour bus but I’d gotten my signals crossed. I’d showed up for the wrong tour (too early). As a consolation for getting thrown off the bus, I did get to see a kid dressed like a gangsta wearing a t-shirt that said “Straight Slavic Flavour” [...]

  • Warsaw Day 3 – 50 Cent and Wargaming go head to head

    Well it’s finally here – the first day of the World of Tanks Grand Finals. Today at breakfast, I had the courage to try the stuff in the bottles. Turns out, it’s flavored vodka, which I guess Polish people drink with breakfast because (as a girl at the buffet told me) “it’s not that strong.” (it’s 30 proof) Fortified by booze, I walked from the hotel, across town to the venue (a cinema attached to a giant modern mall. I [...]

  • Warsaw Day 2.5 – Rain and Warsaw Rising

    It’s hard to throw an actual day on this, since my sense of time’s all messed up after losing a day traveling. I was very surprised to learn today is Thursday. As I feared, I woke up at 2 am last night and was wide awake. I had a killer headache and had to employ the best headache remedy I know: hot peppermint tea and a mindless social game. I finally got tired enough again to go back to bed, [...]

  • Minsk Journal: Day 4 – Part II

    Mention was made last post, of tank rides. Well that’s how we began the party. In a setup that would never EVER be allowed in the U.S., the fun-loving folks at the Stalin’s Line allowed mobs of partygoers to swarm a handful of real tanks. It was like a scene out of World War Z with the tanks impaired by all the bodies. Of course, an opportunity like this is rare so when we got to the site, my [...]