Categories: Steampunk Fashion

  • Vampire Gloves

    Well, no longer being gainfully employed leaves me plenty of time for sewing. I was given a piece of soft, fuzzy red fabric of the sort you would usually see made into Christmas stockings and made it into soft, fuzzy fingerless gloves. To try and play down the “Santa” feeling, I embellished them with salvaged black crochet trim and black, subtly sparkly buttons I got at SCRAP. I know they’re a bit sloppy here and there, but I’m just happy [...]

  • Fingerless Glove Prototype #4

    I’ve been beating my head against this fingerless glove idea for a few months now with limited success. There’s a reason so many people are making them out of old sweaters or knitting them – it’s far easier than using regular fabric. I made the whole process harder of course, by choosing a salvaged velvet with absolutely zero give and that ended three separate times in utter failure. I’ve made alterations to the pattern I bought but they are still [...]

  • The Plaid Spats Experiment

    I found a pattern online and this is my first attempt at making use of it. Already I can see problems with the pattern and had to make adjustments. The way it was drawn, the side panels are the same width, which doesn’t make any sense if you want a side closure on the spats. In the future (after I finish the three more pairs I’ve already cut out using this pattern) I plan to draw my own pattern – [...]