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  • “Stay” WIP

    Fuck. A late plane, a surly cab driver and now I can’t get into my goddamn room? Welcome to L.A. Toni grabbed her bags and lugged them back down the decrepit cement stairs. The wheels of her beat up roller bag stuck on the tar-covered parking lot, still oozing from the heat of the midday sun. The stocky Filipino man behind the chipped laminate counter looked surprised to see her again. “My keys don’t work.” “Huh?” “My card keys—neither of [...]

  • Waiting for McGuffin

    Don’t be misled – this is unfortunately, not about the brilliant Christopher Guest movie, Waiting for Guffman. It’s about coming up with ideas for story pitches, which when it really comes down to it, kinda sucks. In fact, few things take as much out of a person as trying to come up with an idea good enough to be expressed in a short paragraph, and strong enough to convince other people to spend money on it. Today’s fiction-related difficulty is [...]

  • Milestone 1 approved – wahoo!!

    Well, it was a nerve-wracking week, pulling together my first game concept. I’ve done it informally before of course, but never actually put it together in a cohesive format. I submitted it late last night and waited until this morning with baited breath and to my complete and utter surprise, it was accepted without qualification. I’m stoked!! Now if only the rest of the milestones could go as smoothly…

  • Worst…blogger…ever

    I realized today that I’ve got like, three posts since June of last year. Pathetic! I meant for this blog to chronicle all the cool stuff I have going on in my life – looks like my life hasn’t been very cool, as this sink-face will readily attest. Thankfully, that’s about to change. This month I start work on my first ever professional video game script and I’m stoked! I’ve been doing a lot of writing on my own, working [...]

  • Southwest Fables: The Cockroach

    A cockroach lived in a house where he spent his days skittering and skulking. He loved outsmarting the home-owner so when smashed with a broom he’d play dead then bolt off, laughing. He’d survived cat attacks, kleenex-smashings and black widow spiders and when faced with roach motels, he’d giggle and tap-dance through the cereal boxes. Feeling invincible, he was enjoying a backyard puddle when he noticed his antennae were burning. Seized with a fiery pain, he dragged himself onto the [...]

  • Southwest Fables: The Pit Bull and the Chihuahua

    There once was a pit bull who liked napping on hot days under a cottonwood tree. One blistering day, he woke to find a chihuahua on his back. “Orale—what are you doing?” he said. “I’m resting, pendejo.” “Rest somewhere else.” “You can’t make me.” Growing angry, the pit bull ran, jumped and rolled but nothing could shake the chihuahua. “Ha! Try again pendejo!” Finally, the pit bull lay still. “Good. Now stay, pendejo,” the chihuahua said, settling in to sleep. [...]