Tags: costuming

  • The Plaid Spats Experiment

    I found a pattern online and this is my first attempt at making use of it. Already I can see problems with the pattern and had to make adjustments. The way it was drawn, the side panels are the same width, which doesn’t make any sense if you want a side closure on the spats. In the future (after I finish the three more pairs I’ve already cut out using this pattern) I plan to draw my own pattern – [...]

  • The Great Dickens Christmas Fair 2012

    Well, even though my costume for this year’s Dickens Fair wasn’t as sophisticated as I’d hoped and I can see all kinds of errors on it, I’m still pretty happy that I managed to fulfill my goal of making a costume. I got a couple of compliments on it, a couple of pictures snapped by strangers and overall, I thought I looked not too shabby. My husband’s costume required much less work, but he looked pretty good too I thought, [...]

  • Yay for sewing class!

    Well, three months ago I started taking sewing classes at a little boutique called Ricochet in San Mateo. It’s owned and run by designer Jill Pillot, who’s an extremely creative and warm person and a great teacher. I started with the intention of making costumes for my husband and I to go to the Dickens Fair in. We’re big fans of the event and have gone for years, and every year we lament the fact that we aren’t dressed up. [...]