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  • Home made holiday cards – ten years and counting!

    Yup, it was ten years ago I started making my own holiday cards. Originally I thought it was the kind of thing artsy-fartsy types exchanged with their artsy fartsy friends. The problem is, there never was much of what you could call an “exchange”. Year after year, I mailed out stacks of cards and got nothing back and then it occurred to me – my friends while artsy-fartsy, are also lazy, tech-saturated bastards who can’t be bothered to answer an [...]

  • Once more…with felting.

    Well, my latest goofy attempt at being creative involves lots of dyed raw wool and a host of very, very sharp needles. I saw a talented young guy at a crafts fair in San Jose, selling the cutest little felted animal sculptures and determined that I too, needed to felt. I bought one of his little kits (an owl) and made my first felted sculpture in a felt-by-numbers kind of way. Having had a modicum of success with that, I [...]