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  • Disney Sketch Crawl #9 – Glad I’m not here on vacation

    Today the lines to get into the parking lot heralded a day full of overcrowding and annoyance. Days like these foster impatience and meanness in people, as demonstrated by the awful woman who nearly took my feet off with her Hummer–I mean, stroller–and then gave me a nasty look like it was my fault. Anyway, I still had a “Millhouse” kind of day, starting with my breakfast at the Carnation Cafe where they seated me at a sunny outdoor table [...]

  • Summer Sketch Crawl

    While typing the title to this post, I accidentally typed in “Sumer Sketch Crawl”. Land sakes, how different THAT sketch crawl would be! Why, that would mean every image would be filled with googly-eyed hand-wringing. As it is, this post is about SUMMER sketch crawling, and as Emily Litella would say, “That’s very different”. These definitely aren’t prize-worthy, but they represent a good six hours of drawing, which for me is pretty good, and making them will help imprint these [...]

  • Sketch Crawl 2012 – the Zoo

    Well despite the chilly, damp weather, my friend Ann and I braved the San Francisco Zoo yesterday for what was for me, the first sketch crawl in at least a year. It wasn’t easy keeping the lines under control while shivering but we did our level best. One up side to going on a day like that – the place was empty! My favorite animals of the day? “Cynthia and Zakary” – a mother/baby koala combo who were adorably cute [...]