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  • GDC 2012: Day 3 – Top Hats and Talk-backs

    Well, GDC is over for another year and for me, this one was a weird one. I don’t know if it was a lack of focus on my part, or the attendees’ bizarre need to wear attention-getting hats that got me down, but somehow things felt different. I swear, what’s with the hat thing? Aside from men in kilts, the one thing you see too much of at game conferences are silly hats. In one day I saw a dude [...]

  • GDC 2012 Journal: Day 2 – Land of Confusion

    Yeah, I hate that cut-rate Genesis song too, but unfortunately, it accurately represents the way my second day at the conference went. This is the first year I tried to drop the habit of using an Excel printout of my schedule in favor of doing what everyone else does–using their phone calendars. Not good. I literally bungled the entire day and missed three separate meetings. I should be high on the PR shit list by now. Other than (or because [...]

  • GDC 2011 Day 4 – United Airlines is the Devil

    So the last day of GDC. I met with one of the co-founders of Silicon Sisters, a Vancouver company focused on making games for girls. Normally, when I hear “games for girls”, I shut down because that usually means something involving shopping, makeup or having crushes on cute boys. Fortunately, Silicon Sisters has some interesting ideas about how to make games for women and girls and none of them appear to involve such things. Aside from my meeting, the two [...]

  • GDC 2011 Day 3 – Ben, books and Belgians

    Day three of GDC. I woke up this morning to the sound of prolonged giggling out in the hallway outside my door. The hotel maids were having a little fourth-floor coffee klatch and apparently one of them was tres amusant. Rather than ending within a reasonable timeframe, it went on and on, until eventually I had no choice but to admit defeat and start the day all angry. I’m sorry people, but that early in the morning, nothing is that [...]

  • GDC 2011 Day 2 – Shooters and Showgirls

    Hardest hotel mattress…ever. Last night was less than restful, what with the loonies screaming outside my window until 3 am and a mattress I’m convinced (by the sound it made every time I moved on it) is made of recycled styrofoam cups. I woke this morning groggy and hurting all over, but with the help of a large cup of coffee, made it to my first appointment by 10am. Today was a busy one—I started things with a look-see at [...]

  • GDC 2011 Day 1- planes, pains and hideous paint jobs

    Guh, it’s after midnight and from 8 this morning it’s been go, go, go. My plane from Albuquerque left at a decent hour rather than crack-of-the-dawn’s-ass and the ride to Denver was uneventful. The layover in Denver was short–just long enough to find my contribution to the “Look at this fucking hipster” website. I’m all for flamboyance but from the girl’s shiny satin pants, faux fur and panda-bear socks to the dude’s purposely too-small coat/pant combo and Hello Kitty luggage [...]

  • GDC 10 Diary: Day 3 (Part 2)

    Nothing builds an appetite like humiliation, so I decided after the appointment, to head back to the Grove and see if their food was as good as their coffee. The place was packed and so I was lucky to find a miniscule table in the upstairs section to eat and check my email. I set up my netbook and tried to use their “free” WiFi, only to find that I needed a code to connect. I stopped a passing busboy [...]

  • GDC 10 Diary: Day 3 (Part 1)

    I forgot to mention in Diary Day 1, that part of the reason my arrival in San Francisco was so exasperating was that I’d left the house forgetting every one of the items I’d need most at the conference: my camera’s USB cord, my netbook’s charging cord and my ever-so-essential-on-blustery-San-Francisco-days pink fuzzy scarf. (I can only blame my mother’s cat.) Adding to this was the fact that although the Beresford Arms claimed to have free in-room WiFi, I wasn’t able [...]

  • GDC 10 Diary: Day 2

    Day two began with a beautiful, sunlit view of the city: …and an incredibly dribbly shower. The Beresford had some horrifically bad water pressure—in the shower. The sink on the other hand, could’ve served as a stand-in for a high-powered fire hose during a four-alarm fire. Some people have those fancy “rain” shower heads. The thrifty Beresford Arms seems to have opted for the cost-effective “condensation” model. The first order of business after grabbing a free donut in the hotel [...]

  • GDC 10 Diary: Day 1

    (First, I must publicly castigate myself for taking nearly six months to post again. Shameful! Just shameful. In my defense, this particular diary is a week late because I couldn’t remember until now, how to log into my blog.) Day 1 started out badly with my mom’s neurotic cat waking me up at 5am yowling in the hallway. Everyone else can somehow sleep through this cacophony, so I’m the one who after 15 minutes trying to block the sound with [...]