Tags: sewing projects

  • iPad Cover 3.0

    Well, this is the third try I’ve made at this iPad cover thing and it’s finally looking half way competent. For comparison, here’s the third version (on the left) next to the second one. This time I thought more clearly about assembly and I added more fusible to all the pieces which gave it a smoother appearance. One issue with that however – it made the seams very bulky which isn’t good. I also learned a hard lesson about when [...]

  • Sewing Project – iPad case 2.0

    Well, this is my second attempt at an iPad case and although it’s better than my first disastrous attempt, it still looks a bit like the Little Rascals made it. I’m not even 100% sure it’ll fit an iPad since as I was trying to even out the seams (which still aren’t), it got progressively smaller. Ah well. What’s cool is that I made it out of Goodwill finds. The material comes from a wool scarf I paid a couple [...]

  • The Great Dickens Christmas Fair 2012

    Well, even though my costume for this year’s Dickens Fair wasn’t as sophisticated as I’d hoped and I can see all kinds of errors on it, I’m still pretty happy that I managed to fulfill my goal of making a costume. I got a couple of compliments on it, a couple of pictures snapped by strangers and overall, I thought I looked not too shabby. My husband’s costume required much less work, but he looked pretty good too I thought, [...]