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  • Friday Sketch Crawl

    Today took me to Perry’s Beach Cafe in Santa Monica. I didn’t know what to do with my art date today, so I just parked it under an umbrella and drew what was in front of me. This one’s begging for a color version.

  • Disneyland Sketch Crawl #4 – Now With Stabilo Markers!

    An old friend and former professor suggested I try Stabilo markers next time I ventured out for a day of sketching and I’m so glad I did! I bought three tones – light gray, medium gray and black, and thus far I can only control the lightest one. It looks a lot like pencil but has the advantage of not smearing when I set my hand on it. For a first go, I think these were fairly successful despite the [...]

  • Disney Sketch Crawl #3

    It was pretty hot at the Magic Kingdom today and I can use that as an excuse I suppose, for not doing very well. =/ Or maybe I’m just grumpy right now because of it and I’ll like these more later. In any case, I only managed three drawings in four hours and since the park was packed, I had to spend money every time in order to claim a seat in the shade.

  • Disney Sketch Crawl #2

    Well, I should be on my fourth Disney sketch crawl by now, but various projects have kept me from braving the traffic down to Anaheim. I finally did it though, and yesterday I chose California Adventure for subject matter. Once again, I’m not entranced with any of these, but as Dory from Finding Nemo is wont to say – “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

  • Sketch Crawl – Disneyland

    Well, this year I checked one more big thing off my bucket list – getting an annual pass to Disneyland! For 20 or so years I’ve wanted to have the luxury of going to Disneyland and sketching, but was only ever there for a day or two during vacations when I really wanted to take part in all the attractions. Recently, I moved to SoCal and finally it makes sense for me to buy a pass. My plan is to [...]

  • Sketch Crawl – E3 2013

    In between dodgy hotel rooms and PR presentations, I managed to get in some sketching. Behold – the fruit of my efforts.

  • Stockholm Sketch Crawl

    Even with hours of walking and too many honey meads, I still managed to squeeze in some sketching in Stockholm. Below are a handful of things I drew up while basking in the Scandinavian spring.

  • Portland Sketch Crawl

    On our trip to Portland last month, I got in a surprising amount of sketching. It was easy, since my husband had beer samplers to keep him busy. This was at a downtown tap room – this girl looked more like my niece than my niece does. This was a departure from sketching collective imbibing – a semi-blind contour of Nick.

  • Last Gasp Summer Sketch Crawl – A Lesson in Disappointment

    Well, I wanted to fit in one more sketch crawl before this summer was over so I went down to San Jose yesterday, in hopes of spending a whole day drawing at the zoo. What I didn’t know was the San Jose zoo is really a kiddie park with only a handful of animals. What with all the screaming kids and blazin’ hot temperatures, I couldn’t stand it for more than a couple hours and this is all I got. [...]

  • Summer Sketch Crawl

    While typing the title to this post, I accidentally typed in “Sumer Sketch Crawl”. Land sakes, how different THAT sketch crawl would be! Why, that would mean every image would be filled with googly-eyed hand-wringing. As it is, this post is about SUMMER sketch crawling, and as Emily Litella would say, “That’s very different”. These definitely aren’t prize-worthy, but they represent a good six hours of drawing, which for me is pretty good, and making them will help imprint these [...]