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  • Raymond Chandler Stayed Here…

    Yeah so, as I was saying, I’m staying in the ahem…”Historic” Mayfair Hotel, a hundred year old place that noir author Raymond Chandler once stayed in while he was writing “I’ll Be There Waiting”. That’s inspiring I guess, even if the decor isn’t. Once I’d checked in to the sound of a chorus of hysterical “fuck yous”, I rode the rickety elevator up to my room on the 12th floor. The ride was kinda spooky, especially because when the elevator [...]

  • Shuttles, shuttles, shuttles

    The more I say that word, the stranger it sounds. Shuttle. Shuttleshuttleshuttleshuttleshuttle! It’s starting to lose all meaning now which is good because it might help me forget today’s shuttle ride from the airport. Before heading out to ground transportation I stopped in an airport restroom, relieving myself and reflecting on my rising anxiety. E3′s always a killer and somehow after nine hours a day of walking to appointments, shaking hands and playing games, I have to come back to [...]

  • E3 2011 Pre-show Day 1

    Well, today marks yet another early summer day when I pack my things and head to Los Angeles (I always hear that in my head the way Bugs Bunny pronounces it – “Loss Angle-eeze”) for the perennial circus we call E3. Surprisingly, there were no unexpected airline delays and by some miracle I had a direct flight to L.A. so I got on the plane feeling fairly mellow. Then a highly rotund older couple got on and sat–well, sat isn’t [...]

  • Pancakes, pugs, peanuts and Portillo’s

    We spent a couple days north of downtown at Laura P.’s and finished our stay by stopping by M. Henrietta, a cozy little breakfast joint a block or two from Laura’s place and right next to the Granville “L” stop. I had blackberry pancakes that were quite delicious and they serve Metropolis coffee, which makes a most excellent brew. If I ever moved back, this stylish, homey little place would quickly become one of my favorite. Saturday morning we made [...]

  • 43 More hours in Montreal

    Yes, hard to believe I was just here 2 weeks ago but here I am again in beautiful downtown Montreal. I flew through Atlanta this time and was extremely foolish not to eat between flights. Since 8 am all I’ve had to eat is a handful of airline peanuts and a soy latte. The trip was mostly uneventful. The highlight of my hour in Atlanta were these trash-eating garbage cans. They plug into the wall and when you toss something [...]

  • 48 Hours in Montreal, part deux

    Ho, what a day. These press junkets are pretty tiring. Six or seven hours of constant schmoozing and playing demos and listening to PR patter can really take it out of you. Once it was done though, I took the last 90 minutes worth of daylight to see as much of the surrounding area as I could. All told, this area of Montreal is very European looking, looks a lot like a financial district – ie, a little grim – [...]

  • In Montreal for THQ’s “Homefront”

    I win the prize for most lackadaisical blogger ever. My last post was in June, which is sure to win me some kind of audience. Maybe the really lazy, disinterested “I hate to read blogs” kind. Today finds me in downtown Montreal where I’ve come for two days to check out THQ’s new game studio and to see their upcoming game project, Homefront. The flight in from O’Hare was uneventful and Montreal is a beautiful city awash in Fall colors. [...]