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  • Stockholm Journal: Day 6 –

    I’m goin’ to Gamla Stan, Only got twenty kronor in my pocket, I, I, I’m huntin’, lookin’ for a Semla, Stockholm’s f*cking awesome Well, the last day is done – only 9 more hours before I leave the land of the $20 hamburger. I swear, I burned through my money so fast here, it’s fortunate I was only on my own for 3 days. Next time I decide to come to Scandinavia, I’ll take out a bank loan first. Despite [...]

  • Stockholm Journal – Day 1

    This month I had the unexpected good fortune to receive an invitation to travel to Stockholm, Sweden. The Universe must have been listening because I’m busily researching a few Scandinavian things for a creative project and so the timing couldn’t be better. Still, I’m here first and foremost to preview a strategy game called Europa Universalis IV, a game which is intimidatingly deep and asks players to do nothing less than run an entire country (or countries) for a span [...]