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  • E3 2012: Pressers and Pickers – Part 1

    I predict no subsequent day of E3 will be as exhausting at the first day. I attended three different press conferences today: Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony, and by the end of it all, I was wiped out when I got back to my hotel at 9pm (and still had to stay awake another three hours to write.) Microsoft was up first, and as usual, they had us wait for ages outside the venue where having forgotten to bring anything to [...]

  • Cupcakes, Catering and Mr. Caffeine

    After a large cup of coffee, the grainy tuna taste is finally gone. Aside from the short break for ptomaine poisoning, this whole day was one endless press conference. After giving the morning to Microsoft, the afternoon was devoted to Ubisoft and Sony. The former proved a combination of speakers I couldn’t understand and the most annoying MC in history, and the latter was a mix of corporate apologies and lousy catered food. Ubisoft was held as usual, in the [...]