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  • E3 2015: Day 1 – United Airlines, official airline of the 9th Circle of Hell

    Today’s trip to LA was a total ordeal thanks to United Airlines’ exhaustive crew of apathetic clowns. They, along with a recalcitrant check-in kiosk started my journey to customer service Hell. Actually, that’s not entirely true. This memorable trip began this morning with my cab driver, who I found crashed out in my driveway. There he was, with the seat reclined all the way back, passed out in a dirty white t-shirt. I woke him up and he graciously popped [...]

  • GDC 2011 Day 4 – United Airlines is the Devil

    So the last day of GDC. I met with one of the co-founders of Silicon Sisters, a Vancouver company focused on making games for girls. Normally, when I hear “games for girls”, I shut down because that usually means something involving shopping, makeup or having crushes on cute boys. Fortunately, Silicon Sisters has some interesting ideas about how to make games for women and girls and none of them appear to involve such things. Aside from my meeting, the two [...]