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  • Raymond Chandler Stayed Here…

    Yeah so, as I was saying, I’m staying in the ahem…”Historic” Mayfair Hotel, a hundred year old place that noir author Raymond Chandler once stayed in while he was writing “I’ll Be There Waiting”. That’s inspiring I guess, even if the decor isn’t. Once I’d checked in to the sound of a chorus of hysterical “fuck yous”, I rode the rickety elevator up to my room on the 12th floor. The ride was kinda spooky, especially because when the elevator [...]

  • E3 2011 Pre-show Day 1

    Well, today marks yet another early summer day when I pack my things and head to Los Angeles (I always hear that in my head the way Bugs Bunny pronounces it – “Loss Angle-eeze”) for the perennial circus we call E3. Surprisingly, there were no unexpected airline delays and by some miracle I had a direct flight to L.A. so I got on the plane feeling fairly mellow. Then a highly rotund older couple got on and sat–well, sat isn’t [...]

  • GDC 2011 Day 4 – United Airlines is the Devil

    So the last day of GDC. I met with one of the co-founders of Silicon Sisters, a Vancouver company focused on making games for girls. Normally, when I hear “games for girls”, I shut down because that usually means something involving shopping, makeup or having crushes on cute boys. Fortunately, Silicon Sisters has some interesting ideas about how to make games for women and girls and none of them appear to involve such things. Aside from my meeting, the two [...]

  • GDC 2011 Day 3 – Ben, books and Belgians

    Day three of GDC. I woke up this morning to the sound of prolonged giggling out in the hallway outside my door. The hotel maids were having a little fourth-floor coffee klatch and apparently one of them was tres amusant. Rather than ending within a reasonable timeframe, it went on and on, until eventually I had no choice but to admit defeat and start the day all angry. I’m sorry people, but that early in the morning, nothing is that [...]

  • GDC 2011 Day 2 – Shooters and Showgirls

    Hardest hotel mattress…ever. Last night was less than restful, what with the loonies screaming outside my window until 3 am and a mattress I’m convinced (by the sound it made every time I moved on it) is made of recycled styrofoam cups. I woke this morning groggy and hurting all over, but with the help of a large cup of coffee, made it to my first appointment by 10am. Today was a busy one—I started things with a look-see at [...]

  • GDC 2011 Day 1- planes, pains and hideous paint jobs

    Guh, it’s after midnight and from 8 this morning it’s been go, go, go. My plane from Albuquerque left at a decent hour rather than crack-of-the-dawn’s-ass and the ride to Denver was uneventful. The layover in Denver was short–just long enough to find my contribution to the “Look at this fucking hipster” website. I’m all for flamboyance but from the girl’s shiny satin pants, faux fur and panda-bear socks to the dude’s purposely too-small coat/pant combo and Hello Kitty luggage [...]

  • Post-Ignite

    Well, the Ignite press event went well, with Namco announcing a lot of projects in the works that are reinventing old IP. Among less compelling titles were three of some interest: a shooter called Inversion that utilizes a gravity manipulation mechanic, a fantasy action/adventure called Knight’s Contract and a sequel to the sadistic gamer-basher, Demon’s Souls called not-so-imaginatively, Dark Souls. Oh, and there were Power Rangers! You can’t beat that with a stick. After a full day of game announcements [...]

  • Ignite Press Event in SF

    Well, I’m back in the old home town of San Francisco thanks to the generous people at Namco Bandai for an all day press event. Despite a complete white out in New Mexico (and horrifically bad roads -if it’d been Chicago, they’d have been clear by 6 a.m. but New Mexicans don’t know what to do with snow), I got to SF w/out incident and surprisingly, w/out any fellow travelers totally annoying me along the way. Got to SF around [...]

  • 21 Hours Left in Montreal

    Today it drizzled the whole day, nonstop. The kind of day that chills you to the bone and makes you wish your glasses had wipers; my kind of weather. I got up in time to go to the hotel’s Mezzanine level for breakfast, went to the restaurant and sat down with my newspaper. My voucher entitled me to an “American” breakfast. It’s always entertaining to see how other countries interpret American. What American breakfast means in Montreal is powdered scrambled [...]

  • 43 More hours in Montreal

    Yes, hard to believe I was just here 2 weeks ago but here I am again in beautiful downtown Montreal. I flew through Atlanta this time and was extremely foolish not to eat between flights. Since 8 am all I’ve had to eat is a handful of airline peanuts and a soy latte. The trip was mostly uneventful. The highlight of my hour in Atlanta were these trash-eating garbage cans. They plug into the wall and when you toss something [...]