E3 2010 (Actual) Day 2

Second day of the show and it proved to be a great one as far as people watching goes. Or I should say, celebrity spotting. I actually had an appointment to see a new-ish product called Yoostar that lets you take your favorite scenes from classic films and insert your own godawful performances into them. It’s kinda like movie karaoke.

Anyway, I had an appointment to see the product and interview Avatar star, Zoe Saldana. When I got there, there was a huge line in the hallway–turns out, Leonard Nimoy was also going to be making an appearance. If you’re a huge Star Trek nerd (guilty as charged) then this was exciting news.

I gave the front desk my name and they took me back into the inner sanctum of grey-carpeted temporary walls where I waited for ten minutes or so, and then Mr. Spock and Neytiri, AKA pirate Anamaria, AKA young Uhura took the tiny stage.
E3 2010 040small
I’m somewhat amazed I was able to take this photo, as overcome by geeky giddiness as I was, being within a few feet from my favorite Star Trek character (Spock, that is.) I and my fellow nerds were hoping for a side-by-side pic with the distinguished gentleman, but it was not to be. He said a few words (presumably about Yoostar – none of us could hear b/c the woman holding the mic obviously didn’t realize it wasn’t on) and then left.

I kind of expected to be told in the end that I wouldn’t get my interview with Zoe Saldana or that I’d be herded into a room packed full of other, pushier journalists, but surprise, surprise – true to their word, they took me to a back room for a few minutes of one-on-one time with the Avatar star. (You know the boys out there are gnashing their teeth in envy.)
E3 2010 041small
First observation about Miss Saldana – she’s very pretty in person. Second observation – she’s teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy. I’m convinced women like her exist just to make me feel like a human bean bag. I mean come on – even my head looks huge-ongous.
E3 2010 042small

We didn’t chat long and there were two…what I’ll call “handlers” there at all times, I suppose to make sure she didn’t say anything unscripted or to make sure I didn’t tackle her or something. Our conversation made it obvious she’s not a gamer but she gets credit for giving the discussion the old college try.

After my appointments, I was free to look around the show just for fun. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I just can’t resist a photo op that’ll make me look like a complete goober.
E3 2010 047small

I walked the floor for about three hours, then sat outside the convention center for a while, people watching. As I sat there, who comes walking out of the show but Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction fame. Amazingly, I got my camera out fast enough and he held still long enough, for me to get a snap.
E3 2010 054small

Incidentally, I also saw Ryan Phillipe (Reese Witherspoon’s ex) there with his kid and “Shifty” Shellshock (who I guess is a rapper but who I only know as a wacked out cocaine addict from watching that ridiculous reality show, Celebrity Rehab) and WCG Ultimate Gamer/The Tester star, Ciji Thornton.
E3 2010 043small
I felt a little guilty about this one – she bugged the hell out of me when I saw her on Ultimate Gamer, so originally I meant the photo to be a joke, but she was actually really nice and unpretentious in person, so I hereby publicly recant my ill intentions.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning but all in all, the show was good. Lots of celebrities, lots of babes (this year’s show was particularly babe-a-licious) and lots of good games to look forward to. Top of the list for me – Deus Ex 3, Epic Mickey, Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, Fallout 3: New Vegas, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

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  • Debbie says:

    Man … this is too cool! I love the Paris Hilton side face shots. You learn quickly!

    Nicely played.


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