In Montreal for THQ’s “Homefront”

I win the prize for most lackadaisical blogger ever. My last post was in June, which is sure to win me some kind of audience. Maybe the really lazy, disinterested “I hate to read blogs” kind.

Today finds me in downtown Montreal where I’ve come for two days to check out THQ’s new game studio and to see their upcoming game project, Homefront. The flight in from O’Hare was uneventful and Montreal is a beautiful city awash in Fall colors. Note: this photo does it no justice and the grey stuff on this left side of the photo isn’t fog or smog–it’s schmootz on the plane window.
THQ has graciously put me up at the Le Westin hotel (I’m going out on a limb here, but I gather that’s French for “The Westin”) which is nice if not terribly overburdened by style, as indicated by the bed’s synthetic-upholstered headboard. (Pleather? Really?)


My room is spacious and comfortable although it gets a thumbs down for no bathtub. And what is the deal with these wall mounted bathroom mirrors that magnify your face like, a hundred times? I don’t know anyone (especially anyone over 40) who wants to look at their face that closely.

We had a dinner hour meet and greet this evening and I met a very interesting writer named Damon Brown who went to Northwestern shortly after I did and who does pieces for Playboy and Family Circle (how many writers can claim both of those?) and has written a book called Porn and Pong that looks like a good read.

Anyway, it’s been a long day and I’ve got a long day of presentations, interviews and fragging tomorrow so it’s time to bid Montreal “Bonne nuit”.

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