G-Star Journal: Day 1

Last night I was nauseous at the thought of getting on a plane and flying half way around the world, especially by myself. Now that I’m no longer the fetching young thing I once was, I definitely worried that if something were to go wrong, I’d be stuck fending for myself. I find in middle age, I’m not quite as good as I used to be, at drawing in helpful strangers.

Anyway, ignoring feelings of major trepidation, I boarded the plane thinking as I often do of Neil Gaiman’s advice–”If you think you can’t do something, pretend to be someone who can.” Wise words.

I also considered that if I didn’t get on the plane, I’d have a number of friends to answer to who’d berate me for walking the road to Wussville. The flight wasn’t bad and I was impressed by the flight attendants on Korean Air. So pretty and dressed so smartly, they make American flight attendants (especially on Southwest) look like homeless people.

Seventeen hours of travel I endured to get to Busan. SEVENTEEN. A thirteen hour plane ride, a two hour layover, another hour on another plane and an hour cab ride to the hotel. I must have jumped into a livery car rather than a cab because it cost me $40 instead of the $25 I was expecting. I guess they don’t tip in Korea, because when I gave the guy the equivalent of $4 US dollars, he looked shocked and thanked me, laughing. (then again, maybe he was laughing at the crappy tip)

What’s amazing to me about long plane rides is how gross you feel after them. Not only tired and stiff in the joints, but your face gets all greasy (it blew my mind that the girl next to me spent half an hour slathering lotion all over her face. Like she needed MORE oil on it?). Worst of all, your butt gets unbelievably hot. Not hot as in, “I’d like to tap that” but as in, “I could toast bread between my butt cheeks”. (OK, soggy, sweaty bread. But still.)

My first favorite thing upon landing in Korea was finding that they have a chain of Charlie Brown cafes. We totally need those in the U.S.

Charlie Brown Cafe, Incheon airport

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