G-Star Journal: Day 3, Part 1 – Signs, Subways and Street Food

I started today by making myself late waiting half an hour (no joke) for a latte. Granted, it was a black bean latte (yes, really) but that’s got to be the longest I’ve ever waited for any beverage, hot, cold or alcoholic.

I wanted to try the black bean and it was better than you’d think, sort of a cross between a soy latte and a hot chocolate in texture and taste. I did worry after drinking it though, that I had a permanent black ring around my mouth. I slammed it and had an appointment with Wargaming.net (which went really well) and I was invited to their party tonight.

I think I’ll ignore my hermit-like nature and actually go. They said they’d be having have some girl pop stars performing and they said yesterday when they did that, there were boys in the audience so excited they were crying. I gotta see that.

Speaking of boys, the show floor was full of them again today of course. One of my favorite things was watching a dance contest where normally shy young guys got up on a stage and kicked it Gangnam Style for schwag. These guys were the two finalists – the dude on the left was really going to town.

Some people will do anything for a free t-shirt.

I tried to walk up to the booths in the business hall but still mostly struck out. Even with interpreters scattered here and there, I didn’t make much headway in gathering any worthwhile information about anything. Note to self – before coming back to Korea, learn the language.

Despite the communications difficulties, I still had a cool day. Mid afternoon I took the subway to the Chinatown area (which weirdly enough, contains a good number of Russian businesses). The place was a ghost town and that seemed weird until I saw this sign.

Where foreigners go to shop.

Obviously, there aren’t a helluva lot of foreigners around to appreciate their special shopping area. Either that, or they found out there are much better places to go. I got back on the subway and rode it to another area with the intention of visiting Jalgachi Market. That place is ah-mazing. Right near the docks and the fishing boats, there are countless purveyors of every kind of sea creature imaginable, some freshly dead, some still swimming in tanks. Made me wish I was a chef.

Beautiful. Warhol would go nuts, were he not dead.

There were little seating areas at some of the stalls where you could choose a fish and then sit while they cook it for you. Unfortunately, being in this country, effectively deaf and mute, I couldn’t communicate well enough to be able to do that. I was starving too. Luckily, some serious eats were just around the corner…

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