G-Star Journal: Day 3, Part 3 – Signage (my Internet’s back)

OK, so on with the signs.

Now, I love this. It’s not properly a sign, but I found it inside a public restroom. As far as I can tell, when you push the button, all it does is make a fake flushing noise. Perhaps to cover the bodily functions of the more introverted patrons?

Nothing going on in here, no sir.

Coffee (to my relief) is big here, and little cafes are everywhere you look. There was even a cute little game at G-Star called “I Love Coffee” which I really must play. Anyway, this cafe was in the subway station. Notice that it enjoins us to “Feel the Aroma”.

Mmm....coffee tomato.

You can get in serious trouble for piffing outside of the zone.

This was in a major shopping area – it’s in competition with the North Face. Ay yi yi. I even saw a little grandma wearing one of their coats and on the sleeve it said “Extreme Black Face.”

A sporting goods store that would NOT go over well in the U.S.

Feeling kinda Lost in Translation. This clinches it.

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