Disney Sketch Crawl #5 – Halloween Hell

I had no idea going in that I’d be dealing with teeming hordes of park goers. Middle of the week, middle of October – how bad could it be? The worst.

By 10 am, the park was jam-packed and the fast passes were already for mid-afternoon. Not that I was there to ride anything, thank god. If I’d been one of the poor schmoes who made that day part of a big yearly vacation, I’d have been pissed because I doubt anyone really had much fun that day. Even the lines to the churro wagons were ten deep.

I can usually find a quiet spot to draw, but on a day like that there was no way to escape the throngs of stressed-out seekers of fun and my drawings show it. Eventually I fled to California Adventure, which wasn’t nearly as busy as the Magic Kingdom.

New Orleans Square

Radiator Springs, California Adventure

Boudin, California Adventure

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