Disney Sketch Crawl #7 – Last one of 2016

I nearly blew it today. I found out after getting to the park that if I’d chosen to go tomorrow, I’d have been turned away at the gate. I’d completely forgotten to check the blackout dates for pass holders, and starting the 16th, passholders are SOL as Disney prioritizes the top-dollar-paying guests. So whew – glad I followed through on my usual Thursday routine.

Anyhoo, it was nice and quiet today. Overcast, chilly, enough people to make it feel energized without making it horrific. Because of that, I think I had a pretty good day, except for my cheap-o Stabilo markers drying out on me after one drawing!

I began at the French Market, fueling my efforts with candy-cane Mickey beignets.

…went on to the Haunted Mansion…

…and finished up on Main Street.

With no sun, I had no option to work on value studies. Still, these sometimes over-busy line drawings were worth it for letting me practice my composition and perspective. And that’s it 2016! The next DisneySketch we see, it’ll be 2017!

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