It’s official: I’m too old for Ruby Skye

I went to Konami’s Gamer’s Night PR event last night at Ruby Skye, a nightclub in downtown San Francisco. Ruby Skye’s a place I’ve always avoided. Judging by the crowds waiting to get in every weekend, it’s a hang out for yuppie cheerleader types and dudes who wear jeans with embroidered pockets; not my cup of tea. Coming into it with such a bad impression, I couldn’t help but be amused last night to find myself waiting in line outside its velvet ropes.

Things only got funnier when after inching my way forward for 20 minutes, I finally made it to the head of the line. A huge bouncer wearing a trench coat and earpiece, acting like he was a member of the secret service, was guarding the door. He was grabbing ID’s from everyone it looked like so when I got up to him I asked, “Do you want to see my ID?” whereupon he made a swirling gesture in front of his face and said, “No, only for people who look young.” Uh…OK.

After that little compliment I needed a drink. Once inside I headed straight for the bar, grabbed a beer and took a look around. In spite of its clientele, Ruby Skye’s actually a pretty cool venue. It looks like an old theater or something; lots of carving and chandeliers and opera-box touches. Last night it was full of the same game journalist types I see (and never have the nerve to speak to) at every PR function. At the last PR event I went to I forced myself to introduce myself to three new people so at the Konami thing I at least had a few new people to to exchange nods with.

The event was interesting but due to embargoes, I can’t discuss the content of it until later this month. I figured I was safe though talking about my first (and last) encounter with Ruby Skye. I mean, why should anyone but me mind if the bouncer made me feel like a rest home candidate?

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