GDC 10 Diary: Day 2

Day two began with a beautiful, sunlit view of the city:
…and an incredibly dribbly shower. The Beresford had some horrifically bad water pressure—in the shower. The sink on the other hand, could’ve served as a stand-in for a high-powered fire hose during a four-alarm fire. Some people have those fancy “rain” shower heads. The thrifty Beresford Arms seems to have opted for the cost-effective “condensation” model.

The first order of business after grabbing a free donut in the hotel lobby, was to walk to Moscone. On the way, I encountered this guy on Market street.
Doleful as he looked, I thought he really believed this stuff and imagined him spending hours in his sad, Tenderloin studio apartment hand-crafting this sandwich board. That idea was dashed later that afternoon when I saw a totally different guy wearing the exact same board. I ask you, what is the world coming to when even the Apocalypse is being mass-produced? They’re probably selling the damn things at Ed Hardy

Upon arriving at Moscone, I immediately hit the Press Room. Despite being the first day of the show, the sign-in line was long so I had plenty of time to size up the other journalists. It’s easy to tell I’m getting old since once upon a time, a young guy with dyed maroon hair wearing two different shoes would’ve seemed cool, but now prompts my inner commentator to make snarky remarks like, “What’s your problem, buddy? Color blind?”
*Photo courtesy of

Speaking of fashion and flamboyance, I noticed an awful lot of kilt wearers at this year’s conference. Most of them were barely post-adolescent volunteers, but there was also the occasional kilted silver fox—er…badger. I even saw one fat dude wearing a high-water, lime green version of the suit and hat worn by Jim Carrey in The Mask.

After roughly ten minutes of waiting in line, I finally got to sign in, was successfully registered and was handed a badge, some lunch vouchers and about 30 pounds of printed material in a canvas bag. I couldn’t imagine why the organizers would think attendees would want to start the conference out carrying that much useless crap but hey–at least they provided a bag to put it in.

I left Moscone, dragging my ponderous promotional bag behind me and went to a couple of appointments in a couple of fancy hotels, met with a couple of publishers, looked at a couple of games (Blade Kitten being the most promising of them all), then crossed 3rd street to the nearby San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I was fortunate enough to find a childhood friend of mine (who works there) in the office that day, and after almost buying many great–if unnecessary–items (like these Buddha pudding molds)–
*Photo courtesy of SFMOMA

–in the museum shop, I arranged to meet her for an afternoon coffee break.

It’s pretty cool to have a friend at the museum; I’ve gotten to see many a good show there because of her. She was kind enough to grant me access to the museum once again so I could check out the current show, “75 Years of Looking Forward”, which was honestly, overwhelming. I’m convinced the curators rehung all five floors of the museum, and despite all the amazing work on display, after the first three I felt myself falling into an art coma, the like of which I haven’t experienced since trying to see the Louvre in a single afternoon.

It was with gladness that I descended to the lobby to meet up with my friend, and we crossed the street to The Grove, a popular coffee shop (which cute as it is, later earned my sincere dislike). Tuesday wound itself up with a comfortable chat, and an evening of loafing at the hotel. Funny how rarely I watch TV, but when I’m in a hotel I’ll stare at the TV like I’ve never seen one before.

That night I watched the entire Back the Future trilogy back to back (well, I tried to watch it–truth is, I crashed out during the final installment, the one where Doc is living in the 1800′s) while horking down a giant Butterfinger.

Man, they just don’t make movies like they used to. Well…Robert Zemeckis doesn’t.

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