48 Hours in Montreal, part deux

Ho, what a day.

These press junkets are pretty tiring. Six or seven hours of constant schmoozing and playing demos and listening to PR patter can really take it out of you. Once it was done though, I took the last 90 minutes worth of daylight to see as much of the surrounding area as I could. All told, this area of Montreal is very European looking, looks a lot like a financial district – ie, a little grim – although I did find one stretch that seemed aimed at tourists that had shops with your usual tchotchkes that keep the Canada cliches going…


Yep, Canada’s all hockey sticks and maple syrup.

One of the most interesting things I saw on my walk was this residential block across the river that looked to me like something out of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome:

The next most interesting was this sign I saw outside a restaurant:

…and was genuinely intrigued until I got back to my room and looked up “terroir” and found out it means “soil”. It was much cooler thinking it was a restaurant that paid edible homage to say, B movie horror films, specializing in “Foods of Terror”.

Speaking of food…room service, how I love you.

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