Disney Sketch Crawl #6 – Value studies are scary

I wasn’t too excited about what I did on this day (yesterday), mainly because I found myself resisting both the need to work on value and the desire to once again do what I know. I did some of both, with so-so results. In some part, I blame the fact that it took me two hours (instead of the usual 45 min) to get to Disneyland thanks to some fool who caused an accident on the freeway. By the time I got there, I was already tired and grouchy and even more so when my plans for breakfast at the Carnation Cafe were foiled by my late arrival. Gah!

I was forced to have a coffee and blueberry muffin from the Jolly Holiday cafe, which fueled this ill-composed drawing of the view from the outdoor seating area.

I liked the idea of the tree framing the view, but I can’t imagine why I plunked it right in the middle of the composition. I also tried once more to use my black, middle gray and light gray pens, but once again kind of lost control of the darker tones.

I moved on next to a value study of Walt and Mickey.

No, it's not Hitler.

I like certain aspects of this, but was confused about how much of the background to try to include and I stopped working on it early because I could feel my neck getting sunburned. I left the exposed bench I was on and found a shadier spot outside the Village Haus in Fantasyland. There, I fell back on my line skills to make the most successful sketch of the day.

It’s amazing how quickly it feels late during fall and winter! By 1:30 it felt like 5 pm. The angle of the sun made the light feel weak and yellow-filtered which made me feel rushed as I was drawing, like I was racing nightfall. Anyway, excuses aside, I wrapped up the day at California Adventure with these two value studies: a shop window and a pretend sound stage.

All in all, I’m not thrilled with what I produced, but glad that I put in the time. Here’s hoping it pays off in future sketch crawls.

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