Disney Sketch Crawl #8 – Ringing in the New Year

Got to the park in time to see Main Street open today – only because it opens later during January and February (or so an employee told me). I made a beeline for the Mickey beignets (gotta start a sketch crawl with the right fuel) and as I munched those, I did this line drawing of New Orleans Square. Still an overwhelming amount of detail. Learn to edit!

I swore today I’d do half line drawings and half value studies since value is still my weak point. I thought the thatched awnings of Adventureland would prove a good subject for the latter and they were. I kind of ran out of steam though, so this one lacks some finesse.

Of course when that drawing was done, my hand was a claw from gripping the pencil so hard (my brain thinks pressing harder = greater accuracy I guess) but I powered through another value study over in Frontierland at the shooting gallery. The drawing tilts drunkenly because I was holding it on my lap at an angle and ended up making it look like it was drawn on the Titanic.

Finally, I’d spent a little too long on drawings two and three, so I had to rush this last line drawing – half an hour in Downtown Disney. Thus the lazy, lopsided ellipses.

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