Disney Sketch Crawl #9 – Glad I’m not here on vacation

Today the lines to get into the parking lot heralded a day full of overcrowding and annoyance. Days like these foster impatience and meanness in people, as demonstrated by the awful woman who nearly took my feet off with her Hummer–I mean, stroller–and then gave me a nasty look like it was my fault.

Anyway, I still had a “Millhouse” kind of day, starting with my breakfast at the Carnation Cafe where they seated me at a sunny outdoor table right on Main Street. Whooo! I felt like I shouldn’t tie the table up too long, but I did manage to get a quick sketch of the view before they threw me out.

Main Street U.S.A.

Line drawings are relatively easy for me, and I swore I’d do some value studies today so I moved on to Splash Mountain, which had tons of nice light and shadow. I’m not thrilled with this result, but I’m glad I put the time in.

Splash Mountain

At this point, the Magic Kingdom crowds were getting to me, and with both my favorite rides down for the day (no Haunted Mansion or Pirates? Wtf?) I decided to move to California Adventure. This view of the Carthay restaurant was great for value – if you know what you’re doing. I kinda botched the perspective in trying to get the shadows right.

Carthay Circle

After the struggle with Carthay, I was in desperate need of a break so I went to the Cannery area and found a quiet corner bench where I did this quick little sketch of the Chinese restaurant.

Lucky Fortune Cookery

Overall, still struggling a ton with light and shade. I went through this with line of course, but that’s a long time ago and I’d forgotten how painful the process of learning is. Still, I give myself a pat on the back for getting in a couple hours of practice. Until next month!

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